Our Strategy

With achievements after more than 10 years of operation, NamCo continues to affirm its brand name in compliance with the guideline " Always satisfy customer needs"

  1. Strategic objective

With large- scale operation, multiple business lines and mant member companies, NamCo has specific inluence on the development of Nghe An province in particular as well as the country's in general;
To maximize the potential of the Corporation which wil create strong incentives to promote its development in the context of regional and international economic integartion, especially when Viet Nam joined the WTO,
To set up the favorable conditions for member companies to enhance the ownership and creativity in producing and business.
NamCo set the goal to develop multiple business lines, focus on the development of minerals performance to lay the foundation for promoting of the development of other business lines. Mineral operations focus on the environment protection and human secutities.

  1. Specific Objective:

Human Resources:
The Company always considers human resources as the key success factor. In order to keep pace with the rapid growth rate in the coming years, the compnay will  build a team of managers and workers with high qualifications and excellent foreign language skills. Besides,  the company will plan to train key personnel staff, enhance the professional and foreign language skills of employees, increase their sense of responsibility and creative ideas.
Investment in production expansion and business development.
The Company has just set up a new company with called " Nghe An ultra fine- white stone powder JSC" to meet the domestic & overseas demands are rising rapidly; expansion on exploiting stone at Do Luong district which serve the building project in Nghe an; development on the sea transportation is our first class priorities.
Environment protection and human sercurity.
The Company always focus on human sercurity, specially in safety for workers at our quarries and factories. Workers are equipped these clothing, cap workwear to minimize risks that may arise on producing.
Environment protection: In our mission, minerals performance is associated with environment protection, sanitation, fire prevention and environment restoration. Our mission will be shown  specific actions and green colour on the NamCo's logo.
With the slogan of " Our qualify is the best" , NamCo has gradually affirmed its brand name not only inside VietNam but also througout the world recognized via the success of the projects carried out. The sustainable growth of the company will contribute to the change and development of Nghe An in particular and the country's in general.